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Hi, actually to have the special Chinese official version, on top of extracting the relevant files By just changing the values as listed does not work for me , you need to change the "Feature Set Locale Setting", where English is "" while Chinese is 2 I supposed it works on both Traditional and Simplified, along with Korean and Japanese version as they are all collective under CJK. Surprisingly, the Middle Eastern version has a higher build number than standard version The compilation date for InDesign CS5 "standard version" was around end of March while the Middle Eastern version was around mid of April with a build number of 7.

So what is the build for? Yes, I am planning to do a full collection language pack.

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So if you have any other tips, do contact me qq. And yes, in short, if one had the "wrong" Feature Set Locale number, InDesign will basically not start.

The difference between Middle Eastern version and standard version is none, in terms of number of file or what At least not I am aware of , except of newer build. Download the Russian version.

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I guess that was used to be part of Central European version, probably has a Feature Set Locale Setting of is English - the Standard one, is the "Japanese version" as there is a -J suffix in user roaming application data Actually I prefer to be called it as "East Asian version" because it contains Chinese and Korean as well, which are never part of Japan, except in the some decades before World War 2 til the end of it. So it is logical to assume that there is a -CE version on it Central European.

Well, they are rarely being released as part of a adobe product. I guess that is a spare to be used in future when they see the business viability to gain that portion of the market share. They might just use if there is a need in CS6 or CS7 or later. I guess the market adoption rate for CE version is too low that they deprecetated it. But the website did said there is Romanian version for ID CS5, so does that hint the piracy issue is so serious that no trial is given at all for the CE one.

A big thank you for all your feedback!

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I didn't know the Workspace trick. Marc After studying InDesign again, I believe if one does not need the features that ME version provides, then all one need to do is just install the language pack will do I dont have the CS4 one but CS5. Do remember that the -J and -ME rule still applies. Subject to confirmation on directly using Arabic language pack without a ME version issue since it is much troublesome and slower to download a ME version which is not offered in Adobe official webpage.

Do update your list as well.


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I believe the rest of the languages are currently not offered by Adobe and hence they are not used. Before I forget, I would like to clarify that most likely Romanian is just not offered as trial but included in official retail version of InDesign. So whether if that means that the rest of the languages specified above are also offered in retail but not in trial?

Meanwhile, if you have a source to Romanian language pack, please contact me at qq. Well, but I still think that they do reserve for such if they feel there is a need to do so. Pouvez-vous m'aider? Soumettre un article. Voir les blog. Gleb Losev 24 mai Social Media. Gleb Losev. Copier le lien. Commentaires M'avertir des nouveaux commentaires.

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