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Developer Bioware is promising fantastic storytelling for this sequel, amongst all the swordplay and blood! You'll play Hawke, who can be one of three traditional classes: Warrior, Wizard or Rogue.

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You can also choose to be male or female. Conversation now is more like the effective system used in Sci-Fi adventure Mass Effect 2 , with its inclusion of a dialog wheel. The demo gives you a good introduction the to story and the gameplay: You are on the run from the Darkspawn, after the destruction of your village. Using the your abilities and those of your group, you have to survive wave after wave of Darkspawn, including a fight with an enormous Ogre.

The action is quite hectic, and you need to quickly grasp battle tactics, as despite appearances simple hacking and slashing won't work! Graphically Dragon Age 2 looks improved, although not dramatically different to the original. If you got tired of lots of brown spattered with red, there's little to excite you here. The storytelling seems to be the biggest attraction - your character's fate is sealed from the start.

Help installing "Dragon Age: Origins" on my mac

Like a movie where you see the end first, and are then taken on a journey towards that, Dragon Age 2 moves away from traditional storytelling. Your choices and actions do affect the game though, so it's not totally linear. Th introduction and opening part of the gameplay give you a great sense of danger and of facing an almost impossible task, which gives Dragon Age 2 a lot of drama.

If you enjoyed the original, Dragon Age 2 promises to be a great continuation of that fantasy masterpiece.

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Manage important account passwords intelligently and automatically with Dashlane. Keep all your passwords and personal info in one convenient place. Posted 19 November - PM. Posted 20 November - PM. Posted 21 November - AM. Posted 21 November - PM. Posted 15 December - AM. Posted 18 January - PM. Tacohead, on 21 November - AM, said:. Community Forum Software by IP. Board Licensed to: Inside Mac Games. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. What happened to Dragon Age: Origins for Mac?

Started by clocknova , Jul 14 AM.

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Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next. EA just released on GOG.

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What's more, I have been completely unable to find the Mac version for sale at any of the usual places. Did EA just decide to drop it? There they were, sitting in the van with all those dials, and the cat was dead. Marchetti, CIA. Posted 14 July - PM It was a trangaming port which are all but dead after the buyout.

I would be surprised if anyone reputable would make it available for sale anymore.

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Surprisingly my installed copy still works. Transgaming ports were notorious for not surviving the jump from OS to OS. Posted 21 November - PM. Pennifer, on 21 November - AM, said:. Posted 22 November - PM. Posted 23 November - AM. Pennifer, on 22 November - PM, said:. Posted 24 November - PM. Pennifer, on 24 November - PM, said:.

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I realise it's a biiiiit early as the game was only just released yesterday, but I figure I might as well get a request in early so hopefully I can start playing it asap. Following the events of Dragon Age II, the world is now headed into a civil war between templars and mages.

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It is our protagonist's job to "save the world from itself". Posted 20 November - AM Me too! Me too! Me too!! It looks like a massive task to port, and those who own the PC version are probably too busy playing it right now It is absolute poopE - I mean, the game is great, but performance is so slow and choppy. Not a fan of Parallels.

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Posted 21 November - AM Could you elaborate? Does DX11 mean DirectX 11? It says the minimum system requirements are DirectX 10, if that makes any difference. Posted 21 November - PM Aah, that's such a bummer. I tell you, if there was ever a game that could convince me to invest in a PC, this would be it.

Posted 22 November - PM I'm getting a fine performance on low settings when run in Parallels.