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Why does this idiot keep going on about his precious CMYK? No he just keeps nagging. Nobody is forcing you to not use your Photoshop. Keep using it. What a silly and uninformed view. Gimp has a long standing reputation and they would not allow that to be compromised by allowing just anyone to compile their production binary.

It is also much more open to scrutiny than just about any other piece of software worldwide because; 1. It is Open Source and the binary can be compared to the version that many geeks are no doubt compiling for themselves and for which instructions and source are publicly available , 2.

Gimp and Inkscape under Mac OS X Mountain Lion | It Audio / Tonegeek

It is a new variant that is highly likely attracting more testing than previous versions and would therefore attract attention if the memory usage or internet access patterns varied more than a little. It always crashes at first startup, then it runs as intended. Its a bug. I think it crashes when creating system files.

Sorry, that would be my fault. Gimp is more than decent photo editor, with a lot of professional-kind tools.

Open source image editor gets even better

If one is a professional photographer, graphic designer or simply works with images, Gimp is completely inadequate. Yes you are perfectly right I am pro designer and photographer Gimp do not support cmyk, so it cannot be a professional instrument.

Gimp for Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion)?

Just enough good for web. CMYK is only used in commercial printing and not needed for printing at home. I use Gimp for mostly web and photography anyway though :. I never heard about typographies changing cmyk in rgb for them generate plates to print in offset……. I assume you mean send to your home printer. Yes, they are all RGB. The way you wrote it, it seemed like you said if you sent it to a commercial printer they would convert it to RGB! When you convert to CMYK, you use a profile designed for the particular printer with the particular inks, which includes things like dot gain and compensating for oversaturation of inks.

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Professional designers working for print need to have the possibility to manage cmyk. I use Gimp for Web and photography. I very rarely use it for print. Therfore, Gimp is a completely viable alternative to PS, and I prefer it as well. Ideas anyone? All toolboxes and things dock onto the main window :. Gimp is awesome. I use it for all my photography manipulation needs and image authoring as well. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved.

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Mac OS X Lion theme on Ubuntu Linux

Daniel says:. Aberto I says:. Rafael Cruz says:. On first run, however, it may take several minutes for the GIMP interface to appear because it must first index all of the fonts on your system and create support files. Version 2. Earlier or later versions are unlikely to work under Snow Leopard.

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X11 X11 is a protocol library that makes it possible to run certain ported applications on nonnative operating systems without the need to reprogram them from the bottom up. MacPorts MacPorts makes the process of compiling and running ported software like GIMP more user-friendly under OS X, facilitating the process in the background and eliminating the need to interact directly with X About the Author Jason Savage has been a freelance writer since Accessed 04 November Savage, Jason.