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To do so, select the two columns, right-click on them, and choose Format Cells from the shortcut menu. In the dialogue box that pops up, pick Date from the Category list and select the desired date format from the Type menu. We will fix this quickly as soon as we fill out the Duration column.

Then, select the cell and drag its fill handle downwards across column D. This will apply the same formula to the rest of the cells under Duration. To do so, select the chart and then:.

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Click on the Chart Filters button the funnel symbol on the right side of the graphic ;. Uncheck the box to the left of End Date , under the Series group;. Click on Apply. The remaining bars will represent the tasks of your Gant chart. To do this:. Click on any of the blue bars on your chart to select the whole series. In the mini toolbar that pops up, click on the Fill button and select No Fill. The resulting Gantt chart should look like this:. With your Gantt chart ready, you can now make further customizations to personalize it and make it better fit for presentations.

To make your graphic stand out more, you can apply a variety of styles and effects to it from the Chart Tools Format tab on the Word ribbon.

Creating Accessible Word Documents using Word (Win/Mac)

In my example, I chose to add a slight shadow to the plot area using Shape Effects and applied a Quick Style to all the tasks to make them pop out. You can also recolor individual tasks to draw attention to particular phases or activities. To do so, select the desired task bar you may need to click on it twice , then right-click on it, and then go to Fill in the shortcut menu to change its color. Then, in the Format Axis pane that opens, you need to tick the checkbox in front of Categories in reverse order , under the Axis Options group. You will notice that the first task is now displayed at the top of your Gantt chart and the last one at the bottom, with the date markers also moved from beneath to the top of the graphic.

To bring the task bars closer to the vertical axis of your graphic, double-click on the date series above the bars to open its settings in the Format Axis pane on the right.

Here, in the Axis Options group, increase the Minimum number under the header called Bounds to adjust the leftmost boundary of your chart. In my case, I changed the initial number from In my example, I also decreased the width of my task bars so there would be more space between them on the graphic. To do the same, select your tasks and then:.

Right-click on the selection and choose Format Data Series from the shortcut menu that appears;. On the right, under Series Options , increase the percentage in the box next to Gap Width. Finally, you may also want to remove the legend generated automatically by Word as it can be a little confusing.

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Everything You Need To Know About Microsoft Office | Present Better

In the end, your final Gantt chart can look similar to this:. Making a Gantt chart in Microsoft Word is possible, but customizing and updating it can turn out to be too time-consuming. PowerPoint is a faster and simpler choice if you need to build impressive visuals for recurring communications. Below you will learn how to automatically create a Gantt chart in PowerPoint using a lightweight add-in called Office Timeline. To get started, you first need to install Office Timeline Plus , which will add a Gantt chart maker tab to the PowerPoint ribbon.

You will be taken to a gallery with a variety of Gantt chart templates and styles you can choose from. Select the template you want to use for your graphic by double-clicking on it, and then click Use Template in the preview window. For my example, I will choose a custom Gantt chart template made earlier. Now, in the Data Entry wizard, you can either enter your task descriptions and dates manually or copy-paste them from an existing Excel schedule.

This is where you can also start making a few styling choices, such as changing the shape or color of each task. However, some functions are missing, and the implementation is not as fully-featured as the Windows version.

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Code that works in Windows might not work in macOS. SharePoint Support : SharePoint is used for sharing files and distributing data in corporate environments. Office for Mac does include support for SharePoint, but some features are missing. Accessibility Checker : Checks your document for formatting or content that might make it difficult to read for users with disabilities.

If you have government-mandated reporting styles, or your organization cares about accessibility, this can be a great help. Right-to-left Language Support : Hebrew and Arabic text direction is not supported.

Office 2011 for Mac All-in-One For Dummies

ActiveX : You might be most familiar with these macro-style document plugins as security risks. They also allow for significant programming within the Office environment. Document Inspector : Scans for hidden data and personal data in documents, helping you stay safe when sharing files. Embed Fonts : When sharing documents on Word for Windows, you can embed custom fonts to display with your document.

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Booklet Printing : Printing for booklet binding is not available in Office for Mac. Built-in Screenshots : Word for Windows includes a built-in screenshot tool which can automatically take screenshots and insert them into your document. Smart Lookup : This tool searches through Bing for the selected text. PivotCharts : These charts work with PivotTables , visual information created by your new layouts to reveal patterns.

Built-in Database Connectivity : Mac Excel cannot sync with data from external databases. Some data can be imported from external sources, but updated sync is not possible. All the modifiers are different, too, so have fun with that muscle memory. As you can see from the pricing chart below, the cost of Microsoft Office for both Windows and macOS is the same.

Basically, for Mac users, you are paying the same price for a product with less features.

The Disappointing Differences in Microsoft Office for Mac

I am sure this can be frustrating for many. These missing features will almost certainly not be added to Office for Mac in the future. The operating systems have essentially two different, parallel versions, with different features and development tracks. You can also install Boot Camp on your Mac to boot into a full version of Windows.

Multi-license users can install it on both operating systems. So Mac users should vote with their wallets or quit complaining. Life here is not so bad after all! I wish you the best anyways…bless you.